Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chicks First Week

To begin - I am told the papers were changed after the photo shoot.
Second there are more pictures here than I might normally include, but I thought the girl who sold us the eggs might like to see as many as possible. Her dad is probably interested too.

This is the most interesting chick when it comes to color.
Feed store testing indicated he is a Rooster.
He started out mostly black, but is getting to growing out some interesting feathers.

In the last pictures the chicks were in the smaller tank full of newspapers that is behind this much larger tank. 
That gives an interesting perspective to how big they have gotten.

 Feathers are starting to show more.

This one is interesting too with the spot on its head. 

We were at the feed store again yesterday.
These chicks are a lot more interesting than what they have which was all red pullets.

We hope there is a nice variety of hens in the mix.
All one color would be kind of boring.

I just noticed, looks like someone gave them some bread.
I bet that won't survive long in another week.

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