Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trimmers at Work

This weekend, since the girls have done a pretty good job of cleaning up the lots they have been living in we put the goats to work in a new section. I fenced off the end of the mobile home yard and "tried" to protect a small cherry tree with some woven wire. They were more than happy to get to work. They did have some help from a couple of cows and calves that are sharing the space.

The group of them did a great job. We usually mow this section, but that leaves the edges needing some trim work. You can see by the edge of the mobile home they got the grass and weeds cut all the way to the ground. They also cleaned out under the edges of the storage building and all along the fence lines.

Ace managed to get so into the trim job that he fell through a gap and ended up inside the goat yard again. They can't climb out this gap without touching the electric fence, but obviously a little goat can slide under it on the down hill. I opened the gate that is in the picture to make sure he knew there was a safe way to get to the rest of the goats. Otherwise he might have tried to go through the fence and that is not a safe trip.

While I am here...remember Flower and her baby Clover?

This is them 6 weeks later.
They are discussing the cat who is on the other side of the fence.
He had everyone's attention for a while.

The crew did such a great job in that area, on Sunday we set up the panels to let them work on the main driveway. It might take a couple of days to get it cleaned up, but we have time.
See the tiny spots in the gravel? 
Those are sets of twins enjoying the heat off of the rocks while they nap.

Next up on the work detail.
The driveway to the barn.
Goat heaven.

I have my own work detail.
Cleaning the goat house. They are very messy.
The goat door with the ramp is on the left and the people door with the cement blocks is on the right. The clean out door that I want to put in will be in that lower area to the left of the people door. With that in I can park the cart under the clean out and not have to work around the goats coming in the door to see what I am doing. They are a curious group. The shelf is where we keep bales of hay, the medicine box, and my folding chair. I like to sit in the field with them sometimes and the ground is full of goat berries. 

Anyway, that is a weekend on the farm and I haven't even gone into the cow side of events. Coming this week - five more does are due. Three look like it could be any day now. The other two could surprise us.

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