Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Milking a Goat

Dandelion had her babies today.
Daffodil and Danny
They were having trouble figuring out how to get their dinner so we gave them some help. This is Dandelion in the hoof trimming/milking stand that we never intended to use for milking and yes, it was dark by the time we got started. She never did complain too much. It seemed like the teats were so full of milk they couldn't get their little mouths to work them right. So FabHub milked some out, we put it in a water bottle with a goat nipple cap, and got them to start eating while standing right next to Momma. Then we got them to work on the real thing and everything went fine. When their little bellies seemed full we let her down and sent them on their way. This was different from what the other girls have had for the babies, so hopefully they now know what to look for next time. If not, we can do it again. In a few days they will be bigger and able to do it themselves.

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