Sunday, May 06, 2012

New May Babies

We found some new babies yesterday.
Scarlett had twin girls born on Cinco de Mayo so I found Mexican flower names for them.
Dahlia and Salvia.
That makes 18 so far.

We are still waiting for Marigold to have her babies. Definitely twins in there too. As for the last two of the 14 girls, if Daisy and Honeysuckle are pregnant, they are way behind the rest of them, but we have been surprised before so we will keep an eye on them too. Daisy may have been younger than the man we bought her from told us and Honeysuckle came with the big group we bought in February so we don't know her history. We will just see what happens. 

Evenings when everybody gets brought back to the goat yard are getting a little crazy.
And that isn't even everybody yet.
But they get to live in this neighborhood so I don't hear too much complaining.

And with the electric fence keeping the dogs out, the rabbits are pretty happy too. 
This little guy didn't even consider moving.

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