Friday, April 06, 2012

Tulip's Baby Boy

This morning I took Mom out to see the goats and check on if any new ones were here yet. When I got outside I heard a baby yelling and first thought Ace might have gotten lost in a brier patch again, but when we got over there we found an absolutely fresh baby laid out flat under the edge of the goat house. Momma and the other yearlings standing there looking at it like they didn't know where it came from or what to do with it. All the big goats were standing further away trying to ignore it.

Since the baby was laying in a bunch of mud I picked it up and moved it over to a grassy spot and then got a towel to try and clean off some of the mud. I really didn't want Tulip getting sick from that. After a couple minutes she still wasn't coming after the baby, but she is sort of stand offish anyway, so Mom and I got out of there to give here some space.

Later on we went back and Tulip had moved them down toward water. We brought her a container of grain and some hay, which she appreciated so much she let me towel off the baby some more and dip his navel in iodine. Then we left them alone again.

A couple more hours later and they were doing great. I gave her some more grain, the other goats came to help her eat it. The babies all smelled each other and then the big ones all wandered off again.

This baby, like Violet's Ace, is also from a Boer Nubian cross momma, but he obviously has the distinct Boer colors.

Look at the muscles on this boy!

 In case you were wondering, Ace has grown a lot in the last week too.

Mom enjoyed meeting the new boy, though his Momma wouldn't let him get too close. I thought I heard "stranger danger", but no one got overly excited.

Mom's dog Molly should be a Boer goat protector, she would fit right in!

Oh and in case you are wondering, he doesn't have a name yet, as of 4:24 pm... His date and sire number is B-42, which is the answer to the  Ultimate Question so - I am letting FabHub name this one.

Update - he named him Sweet William, going with the flower name just so I won't keep one with that name. Silly man.

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