Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wide Loads

If you have been keeping up, only four of the 14 goat girls have had their babies yet.
So much for Farmer Smoot saying they were due in the first two weeks of April.

Some of them are getting really wide. 
This is Five. She came with no name, just a V and a number.
Just as a comparison note, Sweet Pea was NOT this big when she had twins.
Oh boy! 
This is Jasmine. 
For reasons I will not show you here, she should have her babies before I get home.
If not my other theory is proven.
That is this:
the girls are having a competition to see who can kid last.
Winner gets what?
All the briers she can eat?
I don't know, but somebody better get this game started or one of them is going to explode!
Off the the dentist.

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