Friday, April 27, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday Added MORE Goat Babies

This has been a busy goat baby week.
Today is Friday and so far none of the remaining momma goats look like they will kid until maybe tomorrow, but then we don't know what is going on with them most of the time so it is hard to tell. Wednesday evening we got home to find that Rose had presented us with Petunia and Peony. 
They are the cutest little girls! 

Then on Thursday we got home to find that V (she came with no name and V just works) had very recently birthed triplets! We named them Huey, Duey, and Lilly on the spot. Then we checked again and Lilly was renamed Louie. Sometimes the confusion makes it hard to keep track of those things. 

Later that evening I remembered that earlier in the day when it was raining really hard one of the guys in the office asked if we were expecting ducks or goats that day. Naming the babies after cartoon ducks was pure accident, but worked pretty well. They were pretty dirty from being born on such a wet day and not anywhere near this nice grass. So the next picture is from their second day. Still not 24 hours old though.

The boys are all black headed like their momma and eating as often as she comes around. We are keeping an eye on them to make sure everyone gets enough to eat and will supplement with a bottle where needed.

Just to fill up the blog with cute pictures I also took these today of this weeks babies.
Monday's Victor and Vince playing on Violet.

 Tuesday's Sam and BE Susie with Sunny.

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