Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New this week... so far anyway

On Monday Violet II had twins.
This is Victor and his brother Vince.
They were born outside when it was pretty cold out. Victor wasn't really moving much, could hardly stand, and his feet were really cold, so we got them inside and sat with them for a while to warm him up. This picture was taken on Tuesday after he started moving around a lot better and they got their ears tagged. Their momma had decided to keep them inside once she figured out it wasn't so cold in there.

On Tuesday Sunny had twins.
They were down by the creek when we got home.
They weren't very old, but they were clean and enjoying the sunshine.

This is Sam
and this is his sister Black Eyed Susan. 
I am already calling her Susie. 
She got a flower name since she will probably be staying since her daddy doesn't live here.
That leaves us with eight pregnant does to go, though if one of the new girls is pregnant she is either pretty far behind the others or hiding it really well. Either way, there are still a bunch of babies due. Wish us luck!

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