Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Iowa

Look at what we found! The World's Cutest Nephew! Not biased at all are we?
We arrived at my sister's just after Mom was picked up at the airport. She was still all smiley and not putting Garrett down for a minute.
I didn't have my coat off yet when I took the first picture. He didn't quite know who I was yet.
Later on that afternoon we all got our first Christmas present from Sis and her Hubby.

Garrett came out modeling his new shirt.
He is going to be the big brother in July!
That was a big surprise for everyone and we are all happy for them. 
Everybody got in on the happy pictures. Uncle Billy. 
Uncle Dave

Christmas morning paper ripping adventure began with a really big box!
This is going to be a lot of fun.
Then after all of the other cool toys Garrett got a truck to haul them around in.
He loves crawling inside and dragging all of his toys in there and then dragging them back out.
We think he is pretty happy with the whole thing. 
Uncle Dave even took a ride in the back.
Notice the JD Green he is holding - he prefers the red equipment, until it is time to play!
The rest of us got some really cool stuff too, but it is all about the WCN at this point.
Well, until the sibling shows up, then he will have to share.

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