Saturday, January 08, 2011

To finish up our trip to Iowa I have a few more pictures to share. The evening before we left Uncle Billy, otherwise known as Bibby, found some spare change in his pockets and wallet I think, so he and Garrett took a sit on the floor to feed the pig.
As you can see that is one of his favorite activities.
Another of his favorite fun things is to read.
He loves to pretend and has quite a supply in his basket to work through.
Garrett is a pretty happy boy most of the time. 
We really enjoyed our visit and look forward to seeing him and his parents again soon.
Luckily there is a trip being planned for July when we hope to meet another family member.
Garrett will make an awesome big brother.

The next day we headed home. 
This time instead of the snow there was lots of fog.
This was taken at about 10am. At least traffic was light. We had good luck with that pretty much the whole trip. It seems no one else wanted to be driving north for the holidays.
We stopped outside of Dayton, OH on the way back. There is a shorter route, but we wanted to stop at the Rocky Outlet store in Nelsonville, OH, so we took the long way around.
The Hampton Inn that we stayed at had an attribute that I wish could be in more hotels. It is pretty simple. I don't know why they don't all do it. 
Put a hook or three on the wall in the bathroom so that a person can hang their travel bag. Pretty simple right?
Makes a big difference in my hotel happiness. 
This was a welcome sight after nine days of travel. 
Back across the border.
And now a week later we are back to this.
At least it is Saturday.
Have a great winter be back later!


  1. June???
    I'm thinking July sounds good...I don't know if we'll be ready in June. :)
    We had such a great time having everyone here in Iowa for Christmas...Thanks for making the trip!!

  2. Also - the day after you left, Garrett would stand at the top of the stairs and yell "Nandy!" "Bibby"...he misses his WV Auntie & Uncle!