Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend and Snow Day Projects

The basement project has taken another leap forward this month. If you recall last year we covered the block walls with insulation and drywall and added a wall to separate the exterior door from the main room.
This year FabHub took advantage of his first snow day of the year to get started on the laminate floor in our family room area. Then this weekend and today's snow day finished this part of it. It is wonderful!

Here you can see the lower layers. Concrete, tar paper, foam vapor barrier, and tongue and groove plywood to help level out the concrete.

On top of the plywood is this padded underlayment used to keep the laminate from clattering against the plywood. It also does another vapor barrier and gives the floor a bit of cushion.

Here is Jake becoming "One" with the floor before it is installed. He is not known for appreciating the various laminate floors that have crossed his life's path. That has kept him out of my kitchen and caused some humor at Mom's house where he navigates rug islands to get around. He is cautious, but accepting of this new floor.
There are a few things left on the basement project. Baseboard, tile around the wood stove and out the door, and a few other things. One at a time. More snow days would be helpful!

The other project this weekend was processing the five big piggies. None of them cried Weeee all the way home.
 They all ended up in somebody's jars and freezer. It is nice to know what the meat ate as it grew.
Very productive week. Next up is probably some Christmas pictures. Can't wait to see everybody!

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  1. The floor looks great! Beautiful coloring. Looks like you guys did a way better job than we did with our first laminate flooring job. Definitely needed more layers of various time, next time.

    Poor pup and his slippery floor dilemma. Hope he gets some rug islands soon to help him navigate :) If it really becomes any issue, there are always booties lol. I'm sure he would be thrilled with that thought (or not!)