Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Traveling

We left Thursday morning on our road trip to see the World's Cutest Nephew in Iowa.
Along the way we went through Cincinnati and saw Reds stadium.

There really wasn't much else to see on the first day. We stopped in Urbana, IL for the night because we don't like traveling those really long distances all at once anymore.
The next day after a quick stop at the local Walmart to find an 18T Elmo pajama set we headed out on pretty good roads.
When we got to Peoria the weather started to come apart.
This is one of the signs we saw welcoming us to Iowa.
This was another.

Which direction were we headed? Northeast Iowa of course!
Before we got there though we had to finish driving along I-80, which was getting hit by the same storm that caused trouble further north.
We managed to do avoid trouble, unlike several other people along the way. 
Cars or SUVs it didn't seem to matter. 
This one managed to hit the only big pole in sight.
When the State Troopers find them they have to get out of their warm car, check the one in the ditch, and mark it with colored ribbon so others know that no one was inside. 
It is a cold job, but someone has to do it.
They also closed a few roads. The off ramps were in horrible shape. 
There were a lot of cars stopped, some on purpose...
and some not. Some freshly in the ditch... 
and some looked like they had been there for a while. 
Some from the night before we guessed. 
For every picture of a car in the ditch that I got, there was at least one that I missed. 
We just kept moving and hoping that everyone else would too.
There was one county along another road in NE Iowa that hadn't cleaned anything at all yet.
The snow cover started and stopped abruptly on both East and West sides of the county. And it wasn't a freak of nature. 
Which made for some really long lines of traffic. Most people just stayed relaxed and in line all the way over the horizon after we all condensed.
About the time we were looking for an alternative road we crossed the county line and all was clear again. 
When we arrived at the hotel the truck was covered in ice.
Some of it was in a kind of cool sculpture.
That was our trip to Iowa.
Since then - it has been the same. Cold, Cold, Cold and snow covered.
It is December though, so what can we say?
I like it!
Don't worry - I will get over that soon.

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