Sunday, December 05, 2010

Cake Balls!

My newest baking adventure recipe comes from and is named Cake Balls.
There are hundreds of reviews of the recipe on the site.
A lot of them talk about how hard it is to make these things, but also how good they are.
Sounds like a challenge to me.
Lots of the reviews tell ways to modify the recipe to make the process easier.
I picked a few ideas that seemed to make sense and went forward.
First step in the plan is to bake a cake.
Just like the box instructions say.
Second step - cool the cake for about a half hour and then break it up.
Third step is to mix in a can of frosting.
Getting creative in this step can be tasty.
I took yellow cake and mixed in strawberries and cream frosting.
I also made a second batch at the same time.
That one is chocolate cake and creamy coconut pecan frosting.
One of the reviewers suggested using a hand mixer to really blend these together.
I didn't do that, but it might be a good idea.
That review also suggested refrigerating the blended mix for a few hours.
I had a Christmas party to go to, so I put it in the fridge overnight.
The fourth step is to roll out the cake balls.
I can see how the refrigeration was a good idea.
The cool mix was easy to lump together and roll just like making meatballs.
When it warmed up it started sticking more and rolling less.
Another suggestion was to freeze the cake balls before the next step.
So I put them in the freezer and then went and helped FabHub feed the cows. 
Very Cold day out there! 
The fifth step is to coat the cake balls with chocolate.
I had a big bar of white chocolate left from when I made the Pizza Cookie so I melted it and dunked the cake balls in it.
Freezing the cake balls was a very good idea. 
The toothpick stuck in the balls until I could shake off some of the excess and they turned out very clean.
If they hadn't been frozen it would have been much harder to coat them and they would have left crumbs in the melted chocolate.
Then I melted some of the chocolate wafers I bought at the store in PA and drizzled them all over the white cake balls.
The result is wonderfully tasty.
Very moist.
Pretty rich too.
Worth every bite.
Only change would be to make them a little bit smaller so there are more to share and having two isn't quite as bad.
That is all for this weeks baking.
See you next time.

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  1. Hi there! Just found your site through a comment you made on PWs cooking page...I saw you mentioned whoopie pies, and as a former Pennsylvania girl, I just HAD to click over and check out your blog...
    I now live in the Northwoods of WI, but still in a very rural area, and it's great fun to see your posts on cooking/sewing/canning/farmlife etc. We have a bit in common :)
    Just thought I'd say hello...keep up the good work.
    P.S.cake balls are everywhere...why haven't I made them yet??? Must change that.
    cathy b.