Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Visit to the Vet

Jake had some sort of run in with something on Monday, probably very early in the morning. That night we discovered he had a 4 inch cut in his shoulder, just below his coller. I got him to the vet in the morning and they shaved his shoulder and stitched him up with a drainage tube dangling out. It would have been better if we got him there earlier, but the cut was under his hair and he wasn't even acting hurt, he even ran with the four wheeler to feed the cows. This picture is after the drain tube was removed on Saturday.

We gave him a bath to see if there was any more damage and didn't see any, but I knew he was hurting some when he didn't do the normal after bath shake, he started to a couple of times and then stopped. Well, he is home after a day with the vet, he took over Bill's chair, and looks like he is staying there for the night. He does Pitiful pretty well, don't you think?

Updated 5 Nov 05

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