Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bird Houses

Well, it is has finally warmed up again, for a couple of days anyway. Billy and his brother are working on the final bits of siding for Grandma's building, I am going out to clean up the garden when I get done here, and then I might do some more painting.

I started on the gourds last night. I think they turned out all right, Billy asked who came in and painted them while he was dozing in his recliner. Glad I am not aiming for perfection, LOL. Here are a couple of pictures of what I did, the sun is out so I took them outside. I might add a bee or butterfly in a bare spot.

I got 5 gourds from Mom: these two painted blue, one painted green, and two that are still natural. I have a couple dozen more gourds that I grew a few years ago out in Billy's building so I have lots of supplies. These that I am working on still need to be sprayed with a sealant, have hangers installed, and drains and entrance holes drilled for the birds.

Some people might recognize the pictures that I painted as from a Donna Dewberry book, I found a Plaid craft outlet store in Georgia and picked up some ideas and supplies from there. I watched a DVD of her painting and know that what I am doing is not perfect, but that is why I define my brand of Folk Art as "art done with not a lot of talent". I am still planning on using stain and engraving or cutting to make some designs, but I bought all this paint stuff and even cleaned up an old tool box and painted it to have a place to keep all of my supplies, so I figured I would start with the paint. Well, I better get outside before this nice weather disappears again, have a great day and keep smiling!

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  1. Nice painting on the gourds! I am impressed.