Friday, November 11, 2005

Bill Joins Up

This week was pretty uneventful until Thursday. A normal day for me is pretty much work and sleep. This Thursday started with a dental appointment, then my supervisor came down from Fairmont to complete my annual eval... only 6 months late, last year was 11 months, but next year looks promising for on time delivery. I will miss the back checks though. HA After lunching with him and talking about the past year and the future, my day was pretty well shot.

Then I had to get to a hair cut and make it to Concord by 6pm for Bill's induction ceremony. He was asked to join Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society for education. The man is so smart. The ceremony was kind of odd, the chapter chancellor read us a story. We were all inspired to make a difference. Bill's sister joined too, she is in graduate school now, heading for an administration position, which she said "No Way" to a few years ago and Bill is repeating now. She brought their Mom along to see the ceremony. Good thing, she had a camera. I'll add a picture when they get developed. I really need to pick out a good digital camera. After the ceremony we went to eat dinner at the local eatery.

That was my busy day. Today, I baked bread and fed the dog. More my speed. Hey it was a holiday!

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