Sunday, July 15, 2012

Reece's Birth Announcement

Back in 2009 my sister and her husband had a baby boy.
I made birth announcement for Garrett and have shown it here several times now.
Then in 2011 they had another boy!
So I made a birth announcement for Reece.

Luckily, my mom still had some of the denim she used to sew the cover for the first one. She happened to also have some fabric that matched the colors perfectly so that made a nice border. She had used the fabric to make a blanket for Reece too. I just noticed the same colors are in Garrett's album.
So everything matches. I like that.

I don't know if she has anymore fabric.
I also don't know if they are done with having kids.
I do know I can make another one.
Just in case.
That was why I started the first one.
Maybe I should start a girly version.

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