Monday, August 06, 2012

Home Improvements 2012

I got home from work last week Monday and found FabHub working on a project.
We moved into the house in 1996.
Projects never end, but this one is long in coming and I love it!

Monday Evening
He kept working after dinner to get to this point.
That pipe? 
That is the drain line left behind from when we lived in the mobile home while building the house. 
Tuesday Morning
The pipe was cut off and capped.
And my weird block and a half steps are gone too.

The dirt from the trench is going behind the retaining wall.
Relocated dirt
Filling in the rest of it is another project.

When I got home Tuesday the trench was finished and my steps are gone.
Good thing there are a second set in the backyard.

Now it is time to fill the trench back in.
Tuesday Evening
First is the weed block fabric, which is probably not doing much since the ground is so solid.
It may be keeping the gravel from sinking into the dirt though.

The next morning was foggy, but things are starting to look good.
Wednesday Morning
You know each project comes with a new tool, right?
That tamping plate was it for this one.
I got off kind of cheap this time.

Wednesday Evening
That night I got home and found a lot of work done, but he needed a dozen more pavers.
When we got back he had decided it was all wrong and needed to be reworked.
Honestly, it was a little wobbly in areas.

Site supervisor Jake
Jake was disappointed that the project was extended.
Laying pavestones does not include much Gator riding.

Thursday Evening
But due to all that experience from the first attempt, the second - or was it fourth? time,
everything went down beautifully. You can't see it above because it is covered in sand.

Friday Morning
Much easier to see in the morning after having been watered and swept a few times.

Friday Evening
And then Friday evening we had steps again.

Monday Evening
And finally on Monday we have a hand rail and the dirt piles are gone.
Now for the step on the close end we need a bit of concrete.
There is also some landscaping that needs to be done.
The dirt on the right side is higher than I can mow over, but we are having a picnic in a couple weeks and don't want that to be all mud/dirt for that day so fixing that will wait.
Check back in a few days I should have the step and maybe even another project done.

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