Monday, August 06, 2012

Sunday Drive and the Spa Dog

This weekend we needed a reason to get away from the farm and all our projects.
So Sunday we did a little driving around on a road we had never taken to see where it went.
That is one of our favorite pastimes.
Even if we get sort of "lost" it is fun to be on a road we haven't been on before.
Usually we take TomTom, but this time we went into the wild with no map.
We found places called Odd, Josephine, Coal City, Rhodell, Amigo, Corrine, and Black Eagle.
Somewhere out there we saw this wall.
Knick-Knack Wall
I made FabHub turn around so I could get a picture.

Then we found the Wyoming county border and knew where we were again.
So we went to Mullens, Alpoca, Bud, and Herndon Heights, 
which is where we went past a very familiar house.
Grandma Rotenberry's old log cabin
FabHub's grandparents moved into this house back in the 1950's. They had huge gardens, worked the fields with horses, milked cows, the whole works. Water came into the house with a pump from a cistern for a long time and then a well was hooked up. 
When I first went to Grandma's house (1992) there was no hot water in the kitchen. Only the shower and laundry had a water heater connected. Then the county ran a water line through in about 1993 or so. That got her off the well and her boys got the the hot water line fixed to the kitchen. 
The house was heated with coal and wood stoves until about 1994, which is when propane wall heaters were installed. The heaters were easier to use than the stoves, but there were so many holes in that house her annual propane bill was about $3000. 

Anyway, I bring all that up because we were honestly shocked to see that someone is living in that house.
That house had issues. Serious issues.
They put a metal roof on, but we will have to wonder about how the rest of the problems got solved.
Or if they did. The good news is, that house isn't on our project list anymore.
So, we drove down Jug Holler where it is so steep that FabHub and his Mom slide backwards one frozen winter day, only to be saved by the bumper finding a tree.

Then we headed home and appreciated everything we have even more.

In other news.

On Monday evening when we went to feed the goats Mom's dog Molly decided to have a spa.

She jumped out when we called her.
And I guess it is our fault for leaving the water out there for her.

But she really shouldn't do that right before we go in the house. 
She doesn't like being tied out while she dries off.
Not so smiley now is she?

She has been a good dog - since we fixed all the fence holes that she found for us.
She even showed us several times that the pipe under the driveway
is clear enough for her to travel from one field to another.
Now she makes her rounds to all the corners of the yard to make sure no new holes have appeared.
Then she hangs out in the front with the rest of the dogs.
Just waiting for cookies or a chance to go in the house.

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