Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fencing and Dogs

The guys have been working on repairing and upgrading the fence around all of the property to be woven wire with three strands of barb wire. This is the interior and exterior lines, including ours, the BIL's, and the neighbor's since he lets our cows graze that property. That is a lot of fence line and has been a two year project so far. I know if I can't find FabHub he is working on fence somewhere.
Because of the goats all of the fence around our property has also been upgraded to include electric since we want to keep them from sticking their heads through the woven wire and getting stuck. We also want to deter the neighbor dogs from coming under, which has entirely annoyed our dogs too.
They have managed to find away or two of getting out of our house yard to get into the pasture, which isn't really a problem since the goats haven't figured it out yet. I do expect the day to come when I arrive home to find some plants missing and a goat looking at me from the front porch.
All that being said - when Mom's dog comes to visit, because she is a very curious runner who might get lost, we have always had to keep her tied up or in a yard pen. Now that we have all this fence we only need to put a temp gate across the main driveway and she can run all over the place. She loves it.

The problem begins when there is a hole under the fence...

Because it can lead to a muddy foot print in the creek swamp...

Which can only mean...
Molly is one happy dog loving life on the farm. 
Luckily, other than the mutual fear she shares with the goats - them of her and she of them - there really wasn't a problem or anywhere she could go.

She also gets to enjoy the awesome redneck swimming pool. 

After a dunk, some vigorous scrubbing, and a rinse in a second pool of water...
Molly is looking much better and ready to do it all again.
She does miss her mama though.
And her cat.

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