Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 Garden

 Last year I had some really big sunflowers in the garden.
I left most of them with the seed heads for the birds.
The stalks survived the winter and even a couple of the volunteer seeds grew up.
I would have gotten rid of them, but I had an idea.
I have lots of ideas.

What if I planted pole beans under the stalks?
Would they vine up? Some of them are figuring out the system.
Some of the bean vines are going a little wild.
I have since tied them with some twine to see if they figure it out.

The rest of my garden is pretty much behind the curve.
I got things planted late.
These are red potatoes. The guys planted white potatoes up on the hill.
I wanted some variety. 

These are banana peppers.
Kinda funky looking. I keep trying with them.
In the front bed I have some yellow squash and zucchini. They are small, but growing.

In the back are my tomatoes. The boards are what is left of my old ladder cages. Since we are using the raised beds now, the cages didn't really work. So I took them apart and have been meaning to rebuild them so that they work better with the raised beds. There is my first one in the back. That is a single tomato, the other two piles are two plants each. I really need to get them fixed up. The hole in between them is where the wind ripped two more out of the ground on the 29th.

Maybe before winter I will get some vegetables out of there.
I have fun goofing with the garden. So that works.

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