Sunday, February 05, 2012

Winter Travels

When we leeft Mom's house after Christmas we brought her dog with us so that she could go to Iowa and visit the Grand Baby's. Then in January we met Mom half way and gave her back. Our dog Jake was pretty happy about that. He stayed home and had a quiet day.

After we met with Mom we took off on the scenic route home. The first plan was to go to Pigeon Forge to see a stage show at one of those big theaters they have and then drive home the next day. 

We made it all the way to Asheville, NC before changing our minds. So then we saw a sign for the Blue Ridge Parkway and thought that would be a great trip even in the winter because you can see more through the trees. So we hopped up on the Parkway.

And about 20 minutes later the Parkway ended. 
Basically, we drove from the west side of Asheville to the east side of Asheville.
We saw a lot of trees.
Then after we were on the road home we saw what the problem was with the Parkway.

That ridge way over there with the snow on it 
-south of where we are- 
we think that is the Parkway.
Probably not the safest place to be driving at the moment.
Oh well, now that we know how to get there we will try it again one day in the summer time.
Not very long after this we caught up with the storm. 
The semi truck traffic north out of Wytheville on I-77 was non-existent. 
So instead of going to a show we went home.
That was nice too.

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