Monday, December 26, 2011

Molly's Surgery

Mom's dog Molly had a couple of lumps and since she was licking the one until it was sore looking she ended up going to the vet. The vet cut out both lumps and sent them for evaluation. One came back benign and the other cancerous, but they think they got it all.

So here she is in all her annoyed presence. If you can click on the picture to see it bigger, there are two big ugly stitch lines. One on her belly and the other on top of her hip.

She really doesn't like the cone. Neither did we. She ran into us and the furniture all the time. She managed to escape from it a couple of times, which is how she ended up wearing the harness. Mom tied the cone to the harness so that it wouldn't slide over her head.
That worked for a while, but really made life difficult for her.

Funny, but difficult.
We looked online to see if there were other options and found body socks for dogs.
They seemed effective, but expensive so we got creative.
You know we are good at that.

One pair of knit pants later and Molly had a new coat.
The small end of the leg is by her head.
We cut leg holes for all four legs and a hole for her tail.
The leg/tail holes keep it up around her shoulders and the back end from sliding up her back.
It might not be pretty, but this homemade body sock has been effective.
She can't lick or bite and if she scratches at the stitches her toes catch on the cloth.

Molly will be coming home with us for a couple weeks and since it will be a bit chillier outside there, I will probably make her another sock out of some old sweats.
She just might turn into a fashionista after this adventure.

While we have been here we stopped by a craft store and found these creatures outside.

I need to learn how to weld.
Because my yard really needs a pink flamingo made out of old farm stuff.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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