Friday, December 02, 2011

Baking Fun

November was full of baking. Here are some of the best products of the month.

When you take this...
and this...

and do this to it (yes cheating I know)...

you can get some of this!

Then you do this...
and this...

      and put them in pans like this...
You can get these!
This is bread that makes wonderful sandwiches and toast.
Just enough chew and no sticky softness.
The butter or mayo or mustard or jelly doesn't soak through the double sided crust.
Usually I use one of those bread shaped lunch boxes as a "cookie" cutter to get the perfect size.

Or you get these!
These buns are good for BBQ and soaking up sauce.

Since all the "easy" dinner fixing were already spoken for regarding the holiday dinner, I made some appetizers for Thanksgiving Day.
One of them was given the name - Baconaters.

They were made of these ingredients, plus a package of bacon.
I also made a batch with brown sugar instead of the cheese.

They looked like this and were absolutely fabulous!
Not good for the diet, but it is the holidays!

Another thing I made had these ingredients. 

Sort of like pepperoni rolls, but smaller.

There is a reason we stay so "healthy" in this house.
I love to cook!

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