Sunday, February 05, 2012

How to Get Stampeded

The process of getting stampeded by my goats involves:
one part hay

and one part each of
sweet feed,
and especially
one part licorice flavored goat snacks.

If possible take these feed products out to the field when the goats are far away.
That will allow you to get in the gate without trouble and put the hay in the feeder.
If you are lucky there will be an opportunity to empty the feed barrels of the water that may have collected.
Moving those barrels or banging the metal bucket WILL cause a reaction in the field.
First the goats will holler at you.

Then they will start running.

They can move pretty quickly.

They are a bit cautious though.
I think the camera bothered them. They can be a shy. HA! Yeah right.

When they feel safe...

They will come up close and personal. Tyson says Hi!

And when you have the Licorice treats - Really personal!

By the way. FabHub went to the market and bought a goat.
Believe it or not, she has gained some weight since he bought her.
We don't know if she is pregnant, but we hope so.
I named her Flower, because she looks a bit like the girls named after flowers, Sweet Pea, Daisy, Tulip, and Violet, but different enough I thought she needed more identification to fit in. 
Besides that, the only name I came up with was Sunflower because she is so tall. 
So Flower works.

She is a bit taller than the rest of them, but Tyson and the rest of the girls seem to like her.

He still has a bad habit though. The gates aren't hooked to the electric fence.
The fence breaker blew and it was off for a couple of days.
Tyson started eating through the woven wire along the drive way and got stuck.
The juice is back on and the problem is solved for now.
Unfortunately, it was Flower and Sweet Pea who confirmed the power was on.
Not the naughty boy! He sat back and laughed when they jumped.

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