Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Goat Population Has Expanded

 Normally when I go out and call the girls in for feed or snacks this is what I see.
The four girls and Tyson are coming on the run. 
Flower, the fifth girl hasn't caught onto the program yet.

This morning when I hollered "GIRLS"
They came running like normal.
And then over on the other side of the yard there was another stampede in the making.
These are some of the NINE new girls that FabHub bought yesterday.
Some of them will stay some will go on to other homes. We really only wanted to have a total of eight girls.
There are 14 of them out there now. Plus Tyson.
And approximately 20 to 30 on the way.
Spring could be interesting.
Here FabHub is sharing some old bread with them. I covered some sensitive areas for you.
They are pretty healthy and all pregnant due in March or April.
The only real health problem with them kind of makes the purchase worth while.
They were living in a mud pit and bringing them to our farm may have been 
more Rescue for them than potential income for us. 
All of their hooves were caked and packed with mud. Some of them could hardly stand up and were moving around on feet not far from permanent damage. A couple of them are still limping around, but they should recover. The mud was so deep in their barn that they had to get down on their knees to eat from feeders that should have been at least chest high.
When FabHub and his Awesome Brother got them home they took the goats one at a time from the trailer to the trimming stand. They cleaned the feet, trimmed the hooves, gave them antibiotic shots between the toes, and made them feel loved.
Then Tyson checked them all out and got told to get on with himself they didn't have any interest in him right now.
The goats all came with names from the previous owners.
The funny thing is they all have -- would you believe -- FLOWER names, just like my girls!!
Most of them have tags in their ears with the names printed on them.
I will have to spend some time to get to know them.
At least the ones we are keeping.
This is Rose.
She seems to be the leader pack for the new girls.

And then later this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at this weather!
The girls eating dinner in the snow.
I discovered a small issue with combining goat "families" like this.
The original girls are yearlings. The new girls are between two and five years old.
And there are more of them.
This is Violet, she called for a meeting with management to discuss the situation.
It seems the big girls are being bossy and don't really know how things are "supposed" to be around here.
They will all get over it soon enough.
We do need to get to work on some more fence now though.

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