Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunday Drive

I am way behind on posting, but hang on for this ride.
Our Sunday drive on West Virginia back roads took us from Clarksburg to Chester to Wheeling on routes 19, 250, and 2. On this part of our trip we hoped to find some flea markets or antique stores where we could find some unique items, but no luck there.
We did find a covered bridge near Hundred, WV. I think it is one of the smallest since it spans just 36 feet of Fish Creek, but it was covered and a bridge. It was originally built in 1881 and is a single post truss bridge.
After that bridge all we found were yellow signs and views of far off places.
There was this sign - it was pretty common.
We saw a lot of this right turn sign too.This one made a few appearances.
This was the funniest sign - FabHub even turned around and went back up the road to get the picture.
The diamond portion of this sign was common, the speed limit not so much.
But it was not posted everywhere it could have been even the most of the roads looked a lot more like this
Than this.
Some times we even went around the mountain to the left.
every now and then we came out on top of the ridge and found a scene like this.
Which usually led to a picturesque view like this, which we call the WV Can't Get There From Here view.
You see, no matter how pretty the view is. Unless you know exactly what it is you are looking at, and exactly where it is, you won't be able to get there from where you are. Not without a lot of luck anyway.
A few interesting sights along the way included the Hamilton Round Barn at West Augusta.
It was built in 1912 and used as a dairy barn. It is 62 feet in diameter and 75 feet tall. About 25 cows could be in it at once and seven tons of hay kept in the loft.
In Weirton we found this interesting building. It is the All Saints Greek Orthodox Church. It caught my attention because of the stainless steel roof and bell tower. Definite indication that Weirton is a steel working town.
Our trip took us to the very top of West Virginia, a town called Chester where we searched out the World's Largest Teapot.
To be honest there were a few city blocks further north and probably a short hike along the Ohio river to get to the actual most northern point, but we got close.
One of the odd things we saw in that area was the Newell Toll Bridge spanning the Ohio River.
We didn't notice any indication of how much it would cost to cross over on this toll bridge. but it was kind of funny to think about actually "paying" to go to Ohio. No offense intended, it was just funny.
On our way to Wheeling we saw lots of factories along the road. Most of them had a few lights on, but tall weeds in the parking lots.
So much indication of a history that is now gone.
Another part of the area history is in the bronzed Mingo Indian on the National Road.

The attached sign says "Original inhabitants of this valley extends greetings and peace to all wayfarers."
That was a nice sight at the end of a long days driving.
Next up, is our drive to Huntington.

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