Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Georgia Sights

Uh oh, forgot to post this one. Well, that gives me time to get the next post setup.
We are getting ready to leave Georgia, for the time being anyway.
During this trip we wandered around the countryside on different errands for ourselves and for Mom. We tried to find interesting things that we haven't found and told you about on previous trips. I had a really hard time finding something though. We have been here so much that what some might find odd we think is normal, but I did finally get a photo of an item that we have seen from the very first visit to Mom's several years ago.
It looks like one of her neighbors used to do a lot of auctions in a field along the highway. The sign says "Registration and Check Out 5% Buyers Fee". Maybe the toddler's pedal car was a landmark for people to find the sales field. There are a few items left in the field from a sale that was held a couple of years ago. There is a fire truck, a pickup truck, and some other things, but they are more depressing than interesting. Poor left behind stuff.

One thing we like to do on these trips is to try restaurants that we haven't been to before. Some how we get much braver when we are on vacation than when we are at home. It takes a lot of references for us to stop at a place like this in our neighborhood. Actually, there don't seem to be too many places like this, but if there were we might try.
This is the "Old House Restaurant" in Statham, Georgia. If you are ever in the area and want a good lunch give it a try. They were gone on vacation the day I took the picture, but the day we ate there what drew us in was the number of vehicles outside such a small Mom and Pop looking place. We figured it must be good and it turns out we were correct. They had a pretty simple buffet that put out some great food for a fair price. We might have gone back for seconds if they were open.
The adventure of looking for tasty food in odd looking places is that the experience isn't always a good one. When we got to town last week we stopped at another place that has a "G" in the name, but I won't say much more than that. Admittedly, we got there pretty late for the lunch run, but that doesn't excuse serving food that is past its prime and taking full price for a very limited buffet. The biscuit was left over and warmed from breakfast, the roll was dried out, and the rest of the food was edible, but shouldn't have been served when the quality and variety was obviously gone from your buffet. Or maybe that is how it is all the time we will never know. The thing is because it is so local, we would have gone there for breakfast one day this week if we had had a descent lunch, but now there is very little chance of us stopping again.
What would have helped? Let us know that it is late and the roll/biscuits are not up to par, offer to replace the lack of variety and bread with one of the several desserts that are not going to get sold today. Simple customer service things that small business owners ought to do no matter who the customer is. But then that is what I would want, doesn't mean it makes sense.
Well that is the end of Georgia trip July 2010. Next up should be Georgia trip August 2010. There is a tree that needs to come down in the front yard.
Time to pack up and get out of here.

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