Sunday, July 04, 2010

Partying in Georgia

The 4th of July in Georgia involved some all American work in the yard, a parade, an antique shop, and some wild animals.
We primed, trimmed, dusted, and cleaned our way through the day until about 2pm when we left for Braselton where the town was putting on a festival and parade.
The trip to Braselton took a bit longer than necessary because we talked Mom into the adventure of our vacations - Believe in the Tom Tom. Ok, sometimes Tom Tom takes us the long way around something, for no particular reason, but don't second guess the directions and just do what you are told (in a safe manner) Tom Tom WILL get you to wherever it is you told him you want to go. If it doesn't seem right, well, just enjoy the trip down the roads you probably wouldn't normally take on a trip. You will always be somewhere and there is always a way back home available in the maps. Then again, if the pavement ends and turns to unfamiliar gravel, dirt, or is snow covered you can deviate from the course, but normally just stay on track and the adventure will follow.
Once we actually made it to our destination I got a good picture of Mom outside the antique shop that was open.
I think this shop does pretty good business anyway because they have good prices on things, but on fest day when it is hot outside and they had a nice air conditioner and fans running, they seemed to do pretty well on sales.
Aunt Rose - tell Uncle Harold that FabHub said you should go to this antique shop the next time you are in Georgia. Mom knows where it is. The fun of treasures is the hunt and we think he would enjoy finding the trophy hiding in this store.
Speaking of FabHub, I got a good picture of him from the front seat of Mom's car, with the camera upside down.
It really is better this way. Those are the new sunglasses he got at the festival.
The parade was pretty short and started early so we missed the color guard, but after that there were not many entrants.
Of course there were fire trucks and kids chasing candy.
There was also a fire dog on top of a truck.
The biggest thing missing from this parade were the tractors.
There wasn't one in the whole parade! Who has a parade without an old John Deere or Farmall in it?
The closest they got were a couple of lawn mowers, which like most of the participants were either advertisements for businesses or political hopefuls.
There weren't any clowns or Shriners either, but there were some characters from a local theatre company.
The whole event was fun though and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Even the people who spent the whole parade hiding in the shade.
After we were done in Braselton we had dinner at "Golden Corral" because FabHub has been seeing commercials for the restaurant all over satellite television. Been there done that now.
On the way back to the house we went by the new church/school complex that Prince Ave. has moved into. It is huge and they haven't even built the main chapel yet. The school and ball fields are to the left and behind the buildings in the photo, while the chapel will be to the right.
After the tour of the church grounds we went out the back gate to check out the neighborhood out there and find a new U-pick blueberry patch she heard about at the Athens festival on Saturday.
On our way there we drove past a pasture and then FabHub yells out Buffalo! When we realized he wasn't creatively expressing himself we backed the car up and saw this guy waaaay back in a field. My camera has good zoom, so I pulled him in some though a bit fuzzy.
Then we drove up the next pasture and found this odd creature.
And in the same field a whole group of long horns.
The other wild animal we saw today was this guy. Mom said he had been sitting next to her for a while when we were shopping, but here he is hanging out watching crazy people take his picture.
That ends our day. Tomorrow is painting, updating electronics, and going to a movie. WooHoo!!
Oh man, I haven't check on the race yet! Bye!


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all!!!

  2. That is a great pic of Mom! Thanks for sharing!!