Friday, July 02, 2010

July Garden Update Number One

We have begun to enjoy vegetable from the garden! Some of them anyway. Some of them are not doing so well. It turns out that when my garden got its last freeze, so did the greenhouse from where we bought the replacement plants. Lesson learned. Thanks guy. The prices were right so we might go back, or I might start all my own stuff next time.
This is the first batch from the garden. A nice yellow squash, a red onion, and a kohlrabi that I started peeling before the picture. They were all delicious!
As for the garden itself, the top half is doing well.
The cabbage, squash, cucumbers, and marigolds are starting to fill out nicely.
The lower half of the garden - made up mostly of plants from the frozen greenhouse purchases - not doing so well. In fact the fertilizer I put on them seems to have overwhelmed some of the plants.
No close ups of those plants though. They would be completely embarrassed.

On a brighter note - FabHub's truck got some new Bling.
It is so tall we both got tired of the big step in, so we put rails on it. Mom and the nephew's kids like them too. The vent visors are so he can let some airflow without letting rain in and people can't really tell the windows are open when it is parked. The Lund tri-fold bed cover is so that we can get some "good" gas mileage on the road, he is still able to use the bed when he needs to since it folds open, and it is easy to remove if needed. We like that better than the hard shells or snap/velcro versions that are hard to replace in the winter time.
I hope he is done for a while!
Next up - we are on vacation and need to share some adventures. See you here later.

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