Tuesday, May 12, 2009

German Deli!

I discovered the German Deli a few months ago and now life has new challenges. I ordered a whole pile of Bratwurst, some Rye bread, some Sour Dough Farmer's bread, some Alpine sausage, and some Waffle cookies. I still have some of the cookies, but everything else disappeared quickly.It all came in the day after my friend from Germany was here. She brought me some Wiener Schnitzel mix. The deli carries the mix, but never had any when I was looking for it, now that I have some - yep! They have it in stock.
We stopped in Blacksburg at the Vintage Cellar a few weeks ago and picked up some tasty German beer. Then since we had all that Bratwurst to eat we invited some people over for a cookout. It was a rainy day and people had things to do, but a few of us got together and had a nice afternoon.
Now I have to try avoiding the sales emails from the Deli. Until the next party plan anyway.

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