Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Toy for the Big Boys

The guys have been using our Honda Rubicon to do most of the light weight farm work around here. Light weight is in comparison to the work the tractors can do anyway.
This picture is not much of a load for it. That trailer could have had two round bales of hay on it and both of the men - and the dog - would be riding the 4 wheeler.
That pressure finally killed the transmission. And fixing it was going to cost almost $5000. I looked up the parts that the mechanic said we needed and they added up to about $1500. So someone was going to be earning over $3000 to take the Honda apart and put it together with the new parts. And then we would have a machine that really tried to do the work, but in reality was a bit over matched. SO... they went looking for a replacement.
And look at what they found. A John Deere XUV 620i. Imagine that. Within 30 minutes of being off the delivery truck it was already working. But that is why they needed it, there is real work to be done around here. Number 3 nephew said it is a Cadillac ride compared to the similar machine from another manufacture that his brother bought. I tend to agree. Very stable, smooth and comfy ride.
The goats said they approve, now they want someone to load some big stumps up on that thing and haul them over to their yard to give them something to climb on. Please!
As for the Honda? FabHub is thinking about trying ot fix it on his own. That should be interesting. He can do it.

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