Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day in Georgia

FabHub and I went to Mom's in Georgia this weekend. She had a dishwasher that needed to be installed - ok, first the Pergo floor had to be pulled up - ok wait, first the old dishwasher had to come out. The guy who came to install the new one couldn't make the changes needed to get the old one out, so he gave Mom some suggestions about how to remove it and said he would be back to install the new one. That was followed with a phone call to FabHub - bring major appliance removal tools.
So, first it was determined that the installer guy was right, the Pergo floor was in the way of removing the dishwasher and that he was wrong, the idea about lifting the counter top was not going to work. First the racks were removed. Then lots of dishwasher wires were cut and the door was removed. Then the motor was removed. Then the saw was used to cut the brace that supported the dishwasher base. Then the base was folded in and the old dishwasher removed from the hole.
Then the new dishwasher didn't fit in the hole. The floor was "that much" too high. So, the quarter round was removed and then the floor was removed. The new one went in fine then. FabHub got it all hooked up. We ran a rinse cycle to make sure nothing was leaking and then he put the floor back in.
Then when the toe kick part of the dishwasher (under the door) wouldn't fit because the flooring was "that much" too far under the unit, the floor came back out. The board got trimmed. Everything got put back together and all is good.
Throw in a filter change on the furnace, oil change on the mowers, and another adjustment or two around the house and you have a productive weekend for the FabHub.
Add in some flea marketing, driving around in new neighborhoods finding odd creations such as this
and some outlet shopping into the mix and the whole trip was an adventure.

Then we went outside to look at Mom's garden.
She has grape and cherry tomatoes growing out of the blue tub under the ladder. Zucchini and peppers in the other tub. More tomatoes in the Topsy Turvy.
Pretty yellow flowers around the old stump.

A miniature rose that has gone on to greater things.
But what she really brought me out to see was the mushrooms. They are growing all over the yard.
There are flat ones and...
round ones.
I don't know what they are really called. I am sure each type has it's own name in some scientific circle.
That being said, I call this one Marilyn. Since her skirt is flying up and all.
This one seems to be of martian origin due to its reddish color.
This one has a splitting headache - like you probably do now from all this intense discussion. Thanks for sticking it out.

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  1. Iowa List of Potential Projects:
    *Outdoor lighting installation
    *Tinkering with a micro-hood that does not heat & is believed to have a short fuse, but owners cannot figure out how to find the fuses in a microwave (which has led to owner blowing own short fuse)
    *Put up insulation & plywood walls in garage
    *Landscape Design
    *Additional projects as needed (which could possibly include assistance with baby toy assembly)