Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring Flowers 2

Spring is back. I have better proof this time.

Daffodils and white tulips are blooming in the windmill lot, but the other tulips are either way behind this year or the moles found them.
My Dutch boy and girl are in need of a touch up paint and the girl seems to have settled, but it makes it cute that he is kissing her forehead.
Middle of a white tulip.
Yellow fringey flower.
Nice mixed group in the triangle flower lot. This bed will be over run with Aisatic Lilies very shortly. I had to be careful of them when I was pulling weeds.

Purple flowers.

Several years ago I planted some daffodils, tulips, and other flowers in a bare grass spot created by a car that notsoFabHub left in the lawn a long time ago. I built a frame around the bare spot and filled it with dirt. When the dirt finally rotted out the boards I got rid of the flower bed and moved some the plants to other places. The bulbs didn't all get moved though. So every year I have daffodils and an occasional tulip pop up in the grass. This big frog keeps an eye on them. Later in the year he will be surrounded by daylillies and some other random flowers that show up. He is one of the "mow arounds" in my yard. Those hibiscus stalks behind the frog are another. I need to get out there and cut them off. Or mow over them like usual.
Daffodil bloom.
One of these two will be my computer wallpaper tomorrow.
That is all the posting I have today. I hope you enjoyed.

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