Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Watermelon of BRSK Farm

What is bigger than a loaf of bread?

Taller than a jar of jelly, a paper towel roll, a knife block, and a spatula?

What intimidates a basketball?

What makes a farmer work on an uphill pull?

What stresses the scale to beyond its 70 pound limit?

The Monster Watermelon!

After defeating the Monster....
..we found it is tasty, put a bit pale.

Since it really did bottom out that 70 pound scale,
we wanted to know how much it might really weigh.

The half weight weigh in was
40 pounds! 
At an estimate 80 pounds total, that was one giant melon! 

And the chickens say... 
Bring on the Rind!!!
They will eat this down to paper thin. No really, they will.
It is amazing.

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