Sunday, September 22, 2013

Croissoughnuts First Try

I decided to give the CroNut craze a try out here on the farm.

Don't they look wonderful?!
Total disclosure, I made some mistakes, but it was an adventure.

I used a recipe from the Dinner with Julie website, which I will include, 
just in case any of you get inspired to give this a try too. 

My first thought here was "Wow, anything with this much butter will have to be tasty!"

Then after the first fold I realized I should have done that differently. 
I could have unfolded and done it right, but I am stubborn. What happened was - after I refrigerated the dough and came back for the second roll and fold (turn) the butter started squishing out the edges and got pretty messy.
I should have skimmed that first layer with butter, refrigerated, and then after rolling it out the second time, skimmed that layer with more of the butter, and then the same for the third and fourth turns also.
It would have probably made the layers more flaky. I also used bread flour when the recipe says to use all-purpose.

But hey it rolled out pretty nice after I got the mess under control. The recipe says 30 minutes of chilling time, but I think 45 minutes worked better. It does take more rolling out muscle and probably one of those rolling pins that don't have a handle. I was concerned about bending the handle with all the force needed to roll out cold dough.
This is the last rolling before I cut out the croissoughnuts.

The layers are visible.

Into the fryer and rolled over. 
This oil left sort of an after taste. I think it was the oil anyway. I am going to try something different next time.
I don't even know for sure what kind of oil I have in the cupboard it is either vegetable or canola. I will try the other one I think.

The end product of the first attempt.
Yes I fried up all the holes and bits too.
Can't waste anything!
So that was the first attempt.
I will try again.

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