Monday, September 23, 2013

The Egg Mystery Solved

I have 7 chickens.
2 Yellow Buff Orpington - Thelma and Louise
2 Rhode Island Red -Reba and Dolly
2 Black Australorp - Mable and Mavis
1 White Delaware - Edna

Why am I getting only 2 -3 eggs a day? Some of the girls may not be laying, but I was getting 4 or 5 a day. I know it is getting dark sooner, but another website expects that her young birds will continue laying just because they are young. So where are my eggs? I have checked some of the places that they spend time, but haven't found anything. 
Then I went to the garden  to get some overgrown kohlrabi to see if they or the goats will eat it. Somebody needs to.

Of course you can tell by now what I found. 
26 eggs.
Twenty-six eggs.

With no idea how old they are I sent them all to the pigs. 
And while I was picking them up I also found Black feathers.

I think I now know why I have never seen Mable or Mavis in the nest boxes. I haven't seen Thelma or Louise in there either by the way. So - I will check the spot daily to see if it is still going on and try to keep an eye on who is heading that way. That should be easier when I start painting their building this week. 
If they are still laying in the garden I will lock them all up in their yard in an attempt to get them in the nest boxes. I have seen that Reba is sort of bossy and might be chasing them out of the house, but there are four nest boxes to choose from so they will have to get it together. I mean really, they could have it worse!

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