Friday, June 01, 2012

End of May Goats

February to May.
More than just a weather change at the goat feeders.
The new feeders are going to be off the ground.
Fewer feet getting in the food that way.

Daisy has another way of eating, when she can keep her head out of the fence.
She just climbs on top of the briers and goes at it.

This is FabHub and the bottle babies with the dogs.
They are about 2 weeks old in that picture.

Here they are at almost 4 weeks.
They look like a bunch of brutes don't they?
That is PM, AM, and Salvia.
They just finished eating, so they stood still for a minute to finish burping.
They all get 20 ounces of milk replacer with an egg mixed in it two times a day.
Thank goodness for friends with chickens!
They are getting fat compared to the others who eat off their mommies.
The bottle babies don't have to spend the whole day chasing after their dinner though.
Their's gets delivered.
They are growing good. So all is well.
After they finished looking at me to see if I had anything else for them they took off to play on the barrels. 
All of the babies seem to like jumping around on them so we turn them over during the day.
So far so good on keeping things going around here.

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