Sunday, June 03, 2012

The 5 Minute Post Hole

This post is here because other people aren't so lucky to have real dirt for post hole digging.
Start with a Post Hole Auger imported from the great state of Kansas.
Make sure the inspectors have signed off on the work before you start. 
Otherwise they just get in the way.
By the way...
These pictures are from the beginning of May when the inspectors were only a week old.
It was their first job.
They have moved onto another position and are now learning the fine art of landscaping.

Back to hole digging.
Press down and turn the handle around and around  to dig it into the dirt.

Lift the auger out of the ground.

Dump the dirt out of the auger basket.
Oh look! 
A rock. That added 30 seconds to the dig.

Don't forget to get the post hole digging inspection completed.
Depth measurements are important.

Then take the inspectors for a ride... 
yeah, that didn't last long. They jumped out.

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