Sunday, October 09, 2011

Working in California

Sometimes work can get strange.
Because we are sort of in between contracts at the office these days
I volunteered to work an inventory project in California for a new contract on an Air Force base.
This was an odd arrangement, but interesting to say the least.
As I post these photos of the trip I notice they seem to fit my state of mind lately.
So, don't read too much into it. I am just thinking out loud.

First sight seeing stop on the trip was Venice Beach.
Well, one end of it anyway. 
There is much that was missed, but it had been a long day.

Wide open spaces with nothing specific to look at, just dots and spots on the horizon.

Sometimes the way back from a project seems like a long trip.

Then when you make it back there are other people doing various things.
Out in the distance you can see real work happening, but getting there is kind of rough.

Turn around and you can see new horizons in the haze, but again, the trip is long.

The biggest problem sometimes can be the people around.
Those who are willing to poop on your head just because they can.

In the end you have to decide if the light leading down the pretty road is really meant for you.

Or a Dead End that doesn't lead anywhere but back where you came from in the first place.

We went to Redondo Beach one evening after work.
Again, there was much that was missed, but I really like the older less commercialized  and less crowded places that were encountered.

There are sometimes paths that seem to be less taken.

They can lead to old established businesses that don't seem to offer much.
Old Tony's on the beach. A restaurant that fits that description perfectly.

But inside those old establishments can be new and exciting views on old and exotic subjects. 
This is a Calamari steak.
Yes, Octopus steak, pounded out and prepared with pretty much the same idea and treatment as a schnitzel, country fried steak, or tenderloin sandwich meat.
But with capers.
No matter where you are in the world, coating the chosen protein and frying makes a good meal.
The fries could have used something other than ketchup though.

Maybe we need to step away from the old establishment and try something adventurous and new. 
The love boat in the bay.

Whatever the events, always watch out for pirates looking to take away the prize.

And always be aware of those head poopers, no matter how much they fit the picture. 

And just because something is sold as new, exciting, and perfect;
does not mean it is any better than the old, boring, and satisfactory.

Just keep looking up and dreaming. 

Eventually the Right outcome will be in Sight.

Like I said, don't read too much into this whole thing. 
It is just the way my brain is working today.
Now, off to get a Trading Journal and maybe some new goats!

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