Saturday, October 01, 2011

New boy and New goat house

The girls need a boyfriend come January.
Meet Tyson.
He was named by the former owners.
There went my plans for sticking with flower names.
FabHub wasn't real happy with the "Sweet William" plan I had anyway.
So Tyson it is.
He is a full blooded 6 month old Boer.

The girls are going to like this guy when we put them together in January.
The girls will be a year old then and Spring baby goats are going to be Fun!
They came over to the fence to check him out.
He liked the looks of them too.
We have him in a fenced yard right next to the field the girls are in.
There is electric wire on the girl's side backed with woven wire on Tyson's side.
Unfortunately he is used to sticking his head through woven wire.
The woven wire we have is intended for handling cattle not goats so the holes are big.
He got zapped in the nose a few times before he learned to stay on his side.
Well, at least were there is electricity. He still does it were there is no electric wire.
Right now the fence is Girl Protection, but they can get to know each other.

This is Tyson and Daisy. We are pretty sure she is full Boer also.
She is doing much better at sticking up for herself these days.
She used to get knocked around by the other girls, but she has put on some weight and can knock them back when she needs to now.

This is Violet and Tulip with Tyson.
They are supposed to be half Boer half Nubian.
Sweet Pea is here too, she just wouldn't stand in a good place for a picture.
Notice how Tulip is grazing directly next to the electric wire.
They like to fence line graze and are careful about it.
I was watching Violet from the other side of the fence later this day. She always had an eye on the wire while she was biting the grass. Then I think one of the other girls bumped her.
Zap and a holler later she was 5 feet away.

This is the Taj Mahal goat house.
It has a nice red metal door with weather stripping and even a dead bolt!
The locking devices for the dead bolt and door knob are on the outside though.
Not to lock them in, but to keep them from locking us out!
No we aren't totally crazy, it is a recycle from Mom's house.
FabHub still needs to put the final siding on and then the hay feeders will be attached under that over hanging roof line. I am going to get some big flat rocks and put them under the feeder so they can file off their hoofs while shuffling around getting the hay.
We also have a window to put in.

The girls have definitely been spending time in here.
Looks like I need to get them a broom!
Right now they have the run of the place, but we plan to put up some short walls to create pens inside. They will be removable so we can clean the place out easier. There will also be a separate walled off piece for their grain and minerals. 

The ramp is a favorite plaything. They jump off and on like it is a spring board sometimes. It is made from some landscape timbers we had stored in the dry for years. Sort of forgot about them, but they came in handy now.
That fifth goat under the house - that is Buckwheat, the wether we are keeping for BIL while he is being weaned. He is taking most of the trouble that Daisy used to get, which explains why he is hiding.

Here is Violet in the favorite lounging spot.
I think they are pretty happy.

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  1. Another structure! Getting to be a regular village on the hill!lol