Sunday, October 30, 2011

Uncle Tommy Bought a House

When Uncle Tommy and Aunt Joyce decided to move to town 
they bought a house in a nice neighborhood.
The only problem was a group of five cruddy trees 
that were between their new house and the neighbor.
The neighbor said he didn't like them either, so cut them down.
FabHub and his brothers are pretty efficient when it comes to getting rid of trees.
They started cutting at about 1030 in the morning. 
This was on the same day we had our first snow.
At our house we had white butted frogs at 730am.

Luckily at Uncle Tommy's it was just wet.
The first four trees, two crab apples and two maples, 
are already cut out in this pic leaving just the biggest problem maple for last.
Nope, the neighbor didn't move the swing set before we got there - and 
it didn't get hit by falling limbs either.
One reason is because of BIL #2.
He makes a pretty good tree monkey.
The power lines didn't have anything to worry about.
BIL #2 works with them every day in his real job, 
which keeps him healthy and limber enough to do these tree jobs.

The rest of the crew had a full day of cleaning up the mess.
That trailer and a truck load of firewood had already been hauled back to the farm.
There were three more truck loads and a full trailer of brush to finish the day.

By about 3pm lunch had been eaten and they were at this point.
One ugly tree coming down.

By 5pm they were here.
Ready to head home again.
Like I said, they are quick.
Trees down and loaded, brush cleaned up, and ready to go.
And no, they can't be hired.
The work is only done to help family and feed our wood stoves.
Getting paid would make it a job and take all the fun out of it!

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