Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catching Up Again

We have had a bit of excitement around here lately.
There was a big wind that came through about 10 days ago, it took of the brother-in-law's porch roof. The whole front was ripped off down to the bottom of the nails.

The whole thing flew over the peak of the roof and chimney. The side piece went over the powerline, we don't know how it missed. That piece didn't miss the garden shed though. A post went right through the wall and the whole thing had to be destroyed during clean up.
There were shingles and gutter pieces imbedded in the hayfield.

Look how far it flew! The tree took a hit on one side.
The guys were up fixing the roof the next day though.

On our property we had a big tree take out some line fence and the power was out for about 46 hours. I was home for the second day so I had generator duty. We had to make sure the freezer didn't thaw, we recently put both a pig and half a beef in it! All was good though. I didn't suffer too much with no TV or Internet.

Our next adventure is remodeling the basement.
Good progress on that this week included the removal of the Pool table. It was taking up too much space in the basement and not being used for anything but a place to set things.

It is a full slate table.
It is heavy and it is now gone.

Next step is figuring out where to start. The walls will be covered with moisture proof materials. A heat pump is going in. The lights will be being reworked. And after last week - a generator switch will be installed. The floor in the back will remain foam squares, but the front will get something new.

Next weekend we are putting in a road to the big tree. That should be fun. Check back later for that photo log. I have also been cooking. Pepperoni rolls, doughnuts, all sorts of things that I will blog about later. See why the pool table was in the way? The fitness equipment needed space to counter balance the cooking.

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