Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've Been Cooking - Doughnuts

I was reading one of my new favorite blogs and there was a recipe for doughnuts on the site.
I got a hankering to have a couple. Problem is they don't mix up too well in 2s so I ended up with a few dozen. Good thing I know people who like to eat.

First thing you have to do when making these doughnuts is to mix them up and roll them out.

I used my handy, dandy biscuit cutter to do the outside edge and a simple bottle cap to make the hole.

Only problem was I rolled them thinner than I should have so they were kind of thin and the holes were small.

They fried up nicely though.

I got some nice doughnuts out of that old deep fryer.

Somebody seems to have noticed that too, this rack of chocolate dipped doughnuts was full!

They might have disappeared when FabHub came in for a minute. He and the guys were out cutting up storm damaged trees.
I am sure they went to a good cause. Lots of energy in a chocolate covered, deep fried doughnut you know.

Now this sneak went for butter cream covered doughnut, dipped straight from the container!

It was tasty too! Tasted like a crueller.

They were good while they lasted. I dropped a bunch off at the neighbors and took some to work.

Any attempt at homemade goods are easy to share around here.
Next up is the King Cake I made for Mardi Gras.

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