Friday, January 02, 2009

A Project Deadline - Oh my

Over Christmas we found out that my sister and her husband have had some success at starting a project of their own. YAY! Congratulations are in order. Expected due date is August.
So I do have the request 6 months of notice on a project that I started a few years ago. In fact I posted a progress photo of this item in May of 2007.

If you look into my archive photos of that year, you will see I have made some progress since then.
Ok, not much, but you can tell what it is supposed to be, sort of anyway.
Well, I need to get this thing finished before our summer vacation to Iowa. There is a possibility that we might have to adjust that trip to Kansas, which will really mess up FabHub's plan to never return to that place, but things will turn out the way they should.


  1. Yeah, I know the feeling. I promised a certain relaxation device for her also. Have to start shopping.

  2. What? Billy never wants to return to one of the most fabulous places on earth??? I can understand his feelings about Western Kansas...I'd prefer to avoid a trip that direction myself. But East-Central Kansas is completely different. There are trees, hills, the beautiful Flinthills (which Steve refers to as Heaven)! It's really not much different than Iowa - just a LOT warmer!! :-) -Kim