Monday, September 17, 2007

Pennsylvania Wedding

We attended the wedding of Bill's nephew Christopher and his bride Jocelyn this weekend. They are a really nice and happy couple. The wedding was beautiful, small, and short, which made it really great for the audience.

After the ceremony they stood on the steps for a few pictures and then we headed to the reception and they did the official pictures.

This picture was taken of the wedding couple's first dance. I was on the other side of the room zoomed in and hurried it too much.

BUT I think it turned out really cool - even through the abstract fuzziness their emotion shows through. The flowers are a complete accident. I like it anyway.

This picture on the other hand shows a bit of craziness.
In the past Billy was able to collect a large amount of cash from the groom's uncles in a dare to dance with that groom. Well, they weren't around to make the payment, but it happened again anyway.

There they are doing the dance.

Luckily there was a chance for him to also dance with the bride. She thought it was funny, and he is such a ham.
Odd picture of the trip.

What can I say about this? A big fake horse standing in the back of a Chevy... maybe the horse has wheels so the driver can have a ride if the truck breaks down.

So that is the short story of our trip. We had a good time. There was lots of good wine.
Hopefully the lemon picture will never make it to digits. Yes, I know you don't know what that is referring to, I hope it stays that way. lol

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