Saturday, September 08, 2007

Farm Stuff

There hasn't been too much going on lately. No rain, just heat and work.

So why not buy more toys! Billy and his brother found a deal on another Massey Ferguson.

The first one Billy bought is a MF150 that he got several years ago from a neighbor who wanted to upgrade.

The second one is a MF240 Billy and his brother bought last year when they decided they needed a tractor with a bucket.

This one is a MF165. The previous owner hadn't been using it very much and hated to see it wasting away by the barn, so he gave them a good deal. It needs front tires, but other than that is in pretty good shape.

You might remember a few posts ago I showed you a picture of Billy's latest 'creation' the Hay Wagon, well here it is in all its oddball glory. Don't tell anybody, but they took it on the road today. It was built to shuttle 8 - 10 round bales at a time from the field so that we wouldn't have to make so many runs with the tractor. It was not built to be on the road.

BUT. It has been dry here this summer - no rain since about the 4th of July - because of that the guys not only sold 18 head early this year, they actually started feeding hay to the cows two weeks ago. That puts the spring hay supply in jeopardy, especially if it is a cold winter.

One of the other brothers has a bunch of hay that he isn't going to need, so they bought 30 bales from him today.
To get the hay they had to go down to the farm and that would be crazy to make 15 trips with the truck.

So they set the trailer up and ran a second truck with two more bales on it behind it to provide rear lights. Not the best way to operate, but farm needs supercede the need for tags sometimes.
Anyway, here it is fully loaded.

And getting unloaded.

Speaking of hay -
Shadow aka Cujo REALLY wanted to say hey to anybody that might know him. He wouldn't leave me alone, and then walked away after I took the picture.
What a mutt.

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