Monday, July 02, 2007

Day 1 and 2 of July Georgia Vacation

Hello Everyone.
We decided to take a vacation to Mom's over the 4th of July week. So far it has been two days and we have been on an adventure and made major improvements to Mom's house already!
Before we came down here Billy declared that he had never been to Alabama and he wanted to go during this trip, D%^$ the price of gas we were going to make a 3 hour road trip... beyond the 6 hours it took to drive here in the first place! So I went on line and found a couple of attractions worth the trip. We chose the Mountain Top Flea Market in Attalla, Alabama as our destination with a side trip to the (formerly) Biggest Chair in the World in Annniston.
On Sunday, the 1st of July we took off for Alabama. I didn't bother with a picture of the flea market. It was big and the temperature was very hot already at 830 in the morning. We walked around for 2 hours, found a couple of things besides water to spend money on got back on the road.
On the way back we found this dreamy Alabama condo. It really was a pretty sight.

On our way back we went looking for the chair in Anniston. As you see below we found it, but not because the town is proud of it or anything, almost by accident. I had looked this up before going there and I think this is a different chair than is shown on the website, but it is still big and now part of our story.

Today is Monday, 2 July.
One of our biggest projects for this trip was to help Mom get her old, unused TV antenna off the roof. She didn't ever need it, but it was there, so Billy climbed up there with one of Mom's friends who needed an antenna to remove it. Here is the beginning of what could have been a real adventure.

Luckily it was not a problem. The whole assembly came down just fine and when they got done the trash man showed up just in time to haul off the old support wires.

Another big project for this trip required some pre-travel research and coaching, but we got Mom through the process of switching from Charter cable to DishNetwork. She told us she was paying way too much for not enough channels and fuzzy locals. Now she has all channels (ok, minus Hallmark) clear and she can record her favorites on DVR. We are happy with it too, channel guides and real information is so much better than cable! So here is a picture of the new flower growing in Mom's yard.

That is our trip so far, well besides a trip here to Jittery Joe's where we can get a caffine zoom while hitting the Internet! We have more roadside attractions to find in the area so keep an eye out for us on the web.


  1. I don't mean to be mean but the itinerary for your trip sounds like a J. Foxworthy joke. "If you go on a trip to visit a flea market and the world's largest chair, you might be a redneck" :) LOL, glad you're trip is going well. Keep me posted

  2. Cool pics and great adventure thanks for sharing!