Sunday, July 29, 2007


Well, it has happened the dream, the impossible dream has come true. It took about 3 years of threats (he said... "I am going to do it") and promises (I said... "If you do I will") and finally we have had a result.

"I am going to do it" finally resulted in a cleaned out garage.

This is my parking spot... look at the organization!
This is Bill's parking spot... that is space and a clear work bench.

There is a pretty good reason for why it took so long. First it was just not time yet and then Grandma decided it was time to leave the mountain and she moved in next to us so a lot of her stuff moved into the garage. We put up a building to hold it, but there were some heavy pieces, cookstove and coal stoves, along with some odds and ends that just never got moved. That finally got taken care of in the last few weeks and now there is already a project in the work shop end of the garage so that is good.
Which leads us to my obligation and the "If you do I will" promises of that first comment. The other thing that is in the work shop end of the garage is this monster that I promised to buy him if he would get the garage cleaned out and organized.

Notice it is so big that Billy can hide behind it! What did I do?
He is a happy camper now. The Big air compressor is his. Now of course comes the fun part. It has to be bolted in and metal discharge lines need to be run to different points in the garage - for example - I want a connection on my end so I can air up my tires without unrolling 40 feet of hose. I know that is a really minor reason to buy this big of a tank, but it is important to me. I am looking forward to some of the projects we have discussed, it should be fun.

Speaking of fun, I found this piece of foam packing in the office one day a while back. It struck me as pretty funny, maybe you find it funny too.

That is all for now. Later!


  1. Looks great! Question: What exactly would you use a giant air compressor for???

  2. It is not the specific use, it is the possibilities!!!!
    For example, "If I had this tool (powered by the air compressor), it is possible I could build this" or "If I had that tool (same as above), I could build that".

  3. A lot of people have found my blog when they search for schwenks. We just had some on Sunday! We decided that maybe they don't taste exactly like they did in Germany, but they're close enough. I replenish the mix by stirring in more garlic and onion powder and paprika - though it's the curry powder that makes it more "schwenk-like." We cook the onions in a grill basket, and then we don't need any mustard or other condiments.
    Oh, and we have a small compressor - for airing tires. Don't know why we'd need a big one!