Sunday, July 15, 2007

Around the house

Nothing much happening this week. We are just working our way through summer now that vacation is over. Bill is getting some projects done around the farm during summer break. One of the things he has been thinking about for the last year or so is a plan to build a round bale hay wagon. He had access to an old mobile home trailer and plenty of wood to make his frame, so he did it.

Bill's round bale hay wagon.

Ok, it is a bad picture, they put up the hay while I was in NC and then parked it in one of the barn stalls and this is all I could do for a picture at the moment. It is dual axeled, 20 feet long, and able to carry 8 round bales while being pulled by a pickup. In a 2,2,1,1,2 configuration down the rails. It could probably carry more, but the tractors we have at the moment can't reach any higher to load it, so you work with what you have. Being able to carry 8 is a lot of help though, otherwise all 8 bales would have to be carried to the barn individually.

Other than that all I have to show you is some views that make up my world.

The view out my office window.

the horses

and Poochy.

Have a nice week.


  1. The horses picture is really pretty! Is that a view from your front porch?